What’s your type?

September 1, 2022

Kaitlin Kenny

art director

Now, I don’t mean that the way you’re thinking. I mean what’s your font, of course.

Style of font or typography is a hugely important element of any design. Actually, I consider it the most important. You can have an amazing illustration or graphic, but if you choose a terrible style of font to pair it with, you risk really ruining the whole project.

Spending the time to understand the style of font and the moods they create can really help to elevate your brand and send the correct message. Serif fonts are usually considered traditional, formal and sophisticated. Sans serif fonts (my personal favorite), are modern, neutral, clean and simple. Slab serif fonts are bold, trendy, impactful and friendly. Script fonts are elegant, whimsical and formal. Beyond these, there are so many other font types, and all of them have a place.

This may seem overwhelming, but that is where we come in; the people who love typography! Usually, we can meet with a client and just from a conversation know their “Type”. The font you choose is the foundation of your brand aesthetic.

If I can leave you with one font tip, please, please never use comic sans or papyrus.

That is just no ones type!

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