red arrow technologies


Red Arrow is a premiere IT company located in central New Jersey. They reached out to Solari Creative and asked us to develop their new branding which would be based off of an arrow concept meant to symbolize protection and defense from malicious sources.


Solari Creative has been working with the employees of Red Arrow for years so we knew all about their core business and happily accepted the challenge of integrating the arrow symbology into their branding.

print + digital design

Solari Creative’s designers have produced a number of printed items for Red Arrow including logos, banners, business cards and signage.

motion graphics + 3d animation

Red Arrow requested an animated version of their logo that would immediately grab their customer’s attention while giving a nod to the concept behind the arrow. Our motion graphic experts took that idea and expanded it into an animated graphic that effectively conveyed Red Arrow’s corporate essence.

“Solari Creative is the best creative partner to have for your business. Red Arrow Tech has enlisted the services of Solari Creative for over 15 years on multiple projects and couldn’t have been happier. The entire process: from concept to completion has been joy. I highly recommend Solari for any of your creative needs.”

web design + development


Solari Creative designed and developed a new website for Red Arrow Technologies that incorporated their new branding and clearly presented their wide range of services.