Live Well at Citi, which is Citi’s Health Benefits division, reached out to Solari Creative to produce a series of print, web and animation projects to keep their customers living well, feeling well and saving well.


Our designers got to work using Citi’s pre-established branding guidelines but were given a little leeway to make everything fun and light as these marketing items were generally made for internal corporate consumption only.

print + digital design

Solari Creative has produced a number of printed items for Live Well at Citi including flyers, tri-folds and brochures.

motion graphics + 3d animation

Citi reached out for assistance on a project entitled “5-4-3-2-1 breathing” for their Mental Health awareness month. They asked if we could illustrate the technique, which is an exercise a person can perform whenever they feel stressed or overwhelmed. We love the opportunity to help people on a physical or emotional level, so we wanted to make sure we did this animation justice. By using a simple 3d character, we made the audience feel stressed in the beginning scene, then once the 5-4-3-2-1 technique was employed, we changed the scene to a visibly calmer and more relaxed environment.

citi: live well at citi—breathing

html email design + development


Although Solari Creative hasn’t built a website for Citi yet, we have done our fair share of HTML email designs and templates. A positive, cohesive team environment exists between our two companies where all parties work together towards finding the right message, combined with the right design, and then top it off with a streamlined, mobile-friendly email communication.