How to Stay Creative

January 23, 2023

Julie Farrell

graphic designer

In a world exploding with design and creativity, it can be hard from time to time to draw inspiration to create an eye-catching original idea. In this post we’ll talk about some tips and tricks on how to stay creative and draw inspiration from others, as well as your everyday tasks to help guide your idea forward.

There is inspiration all around us, everywhere we look. Whether it’s the modern take of a font used for your local gym’s logo, or the bright and vibrant colors of a package in the grocery store. We can take the way the font or those bright colors make you feel and translate that into a brand-new idea. At its core, design is all about how you want the viewer to feel when experiencing it. Do you want the viewer of your healthcare logo to feel safe and welcome? Try using a variety of purple and blue tones with soft typography. When you went to the store, that red box just drew your eye in a sea of other products, experiment using that color in your next brochure or magazine, helping your vision draw the attention of the viewer.

Maybe sometimes it’s not even about drawing from others to help stay creative. Staying creative could be something as coloring with your children or whipping up a charcuterie board for some friends. Anything that helps the mind think in a new way and keep your creative mind active. Finding ways to use your creativity in your everyday tasks is a great exercise in flexing your creative muscles. Organize your desk to bring a comforting feel to your workday, step outside into nature and notice the color of the leaves or what flowers are blooming. All of these things may just feel like your normal tasks, but they are simultaneously keeping your mind active while also giving inspiration for new ideas.

In conclusion, we can all stay creative in different ways and sometimes it is not the most obvious way. Being creative is all about pushing your mind to see something differently and to think outside of the box. Reflect on your daily tasks and see if there is something you can pull inspiration from – then turn that into a new idea. You never know what new ideas might be your best ones yet!

Good luck staying creative!

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